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Why prepare for the ACT/SAT?


 The ACT and SAT are undoubtedly the two most important exams you will take during high school.  Along with your grades, activities, and college essays, these test results will determine whether you will be admitted into the college and college programs of your choice.  Recent research and even the test makers indicate that students who learn test-taking strategies will do better than students who do not. 

Why choose Townsend?


 We build our course around time-tested strategies—ways of doing problems and answering questions quickly, accurately and efficiently. These are strategies that generally aren't taught in regular school Math and English classes or even in school-based test prep classes. We also use actual tests instead of simulations for teaching and practice.

Our qualifications


 Townsend has been teaching test preparation for over thirty years. We have developed our courses over the last twenty-five years and have recently revised our course to meet the latest trends on the both the SAT and ACT. We have also developed our HSPT course and have taught it in schools for nearly thirty years.  Our instructors have education degrees and have been thoroughly trained in Townsend strategies. 

Increase your score


Over the past 25 years, the Townsend Mastery Course has helped students to raise their SAT scores an average of 110 points and their ACT approximately 3 points. More importantly, we have increased students’ skills and efficiency in taking any kind of standardized tests.

Course overview


 The course includes general strategies applicable to any standardized test as well as specific strategies for the SAT and ACT. We also review many subject areas, including basic algebra, geometry, vocabulary and English grammar. After reviewing the material, we provide the students with practice materials for both review and strategy practice.

Essay strategies


 We present several excellent strategies for timed essays, and we teach students about what is expected in the essays. Because these essays now include a very complex analytic structure, we recommend that the students take time to practice .    


High School Placement Test

 Townsend offers our HIGH SET program for eighth grade students.  It can be offered at your grade school during or after school.  If it is not offered, contact us to see if that is a possibility.  

We now have individual preparation offered in the summer!

Check out our HSPT information page for details. 


SAT: The SAT has undergone many changes in the last ten years.  Townsend has kept pace and has developed new strategies to meet the demands of the new test. Like the ACT preparation, we meet with students one-on-one for four two-hour sessions.

 ACT: The individual ACT preparation is our most popular program. We meet with students one-on-one for four two-hour sessions and instruct them in useful strategies for the test.  We also review the content where the student needs to improve.

Check out our SAT / ACT information page for details.

We can also combine the two courses in seven two-hour sessions.


 Our Merit Scholar Program is the top program of its kind. We work with high-achieving juniors who are working to become National Merit Scholars. A National Merit Scholarship is the quickest way to be accepted to almost any college and often, National Merit Scholars receive full scholarships.

 Check out our PSAT / NMSQT information page for details. 

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